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Where Delightfully Healthy Food and Health Conscious People Meet!

Green City Harvest is your neighborhood urban farm.

We are devoted to providing deliciously fresh and nutritious food, guaranteed to delight your tastebuds. 

We have a love not only for growing and providing fresh and nutritious food, but for sharing our knowledge and our love about how we do it.  So if you would like to join us in our quest to living a healthier lifestyle and growing you own food, please choose an option below.


Green City Harvest is looking for volunteers to help with some of the work on the farm and to give others the opportunity to work with plants and soil. There is nothing more therapeutic than spending a couple of hours working on a farm.

Green City Harvest Internship

Come learn and experience the joys and power of urban farming! Green City Harvest Internships are a unique opportunity to gain first-hand experience working on a growing urban farm while providing affordable fresh and delightfully delicious produce to the local neighborhood families, restaurants and stores. Green City Harvest offers a limited number of internships each semester (Fall/Spring/Summer) to college students who are learning about horticulture and passionate about urban agriculture, food systems, organic methods and are in search of a dynamic, on-farm experience.


  • The Green City Harvest Internship is a unique position that offers the dynamic opportunity to gain experience and diverse skills in sustainable agriculture. Working directly with the Farm Manager, interns are involved in all aspects of the farm:
    Seeding, planting; cultivation; pest, and weed management; irrigation; compost systems; harvest and post-harvest handling; quality control; sales and distribution.
  •  Supporting farm produce stand, CSA program, restaurant sales and deliveries, in addition to community markets.


  • 3-4 month commitment dependent upon internship requirement of educational degree.
  • Be goal oriented in accomplishing the farming and agricultural learning experiences – have a defined set of goals and work to achieve them.
  • Commit to a certain number of hours a week- anywhere from 12- 40 hours dependent upon schedule and goals.


  • Knowledge gained through experience working on a diversified urban farm operation.
  • Hands-on experience working with all aspects of what makes an urban farm work from preparing soil, planting, weeding, irrigating, and harvesting to packaging, marketing and sales.
  • Develop a deep held belief in the power of fresh and delicious food to build healthy lifestyles, families, and communities.
  • Living stipend of $500 paid at the end of each month.
  • Access to fresh vegetables.

If you are ready for the challenge and satisfaction of learning how to grow and providing nutritious food to a community in an urban setting, we encourage you to apply for an internship.

Farm Manager

We will post this position information soon.