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What are microgreens?

Microgreens are edible vegetable, fruit, flowers and herbs at the early growth stage where they are a little older than sprouts and younger than baby greens. The microgreen stage occurs when the sprouted plant grows its first set of true leaves. This is the most nutritional stage of the plant's life. Microgreens are tender, fully edible and can be used in a variety of dishes and even as a snack.

Health benefits.

There are significant health benefits of microgreens yielding a huge return in terms of nutrition, up to 40 times the nutrient density compared to their fully grown plant counterpart. Not only are microgreens an amazing super-food, but they are also packed with fantastic flavor in a small bite!

PURE grown.

We strictly adhere to the PURE growing method–no fertilizers, no pesticide, and no soil. We only use purified water and light.  We grow hydroponically in a vertical farm using only food-grade equipment and organic coco pads. Microgreens are grown for 7-28 days. We grow according to each variety in order to obtain peak flavor and nutrition.

Microgreen uses.

Microgreens offer intense flavor, extraordinary nutrition and amazing variety of uses. You can use them in soups, salads, sauces, snacks, desserts, sandwiches, wraps, desserts, burritos, tacos, health shakes, omelets and much more.  Their uses are limited only by your adventurous spirit.


Our Microgreens are delivered to you alive and still on their growth palette.  As you harvest and use them, you will marvel at the flavor and freshness of your delightfully delicious creation.

Broccoli microgreens


Salad mix


Radish microgreens


Sunflower microgreens